Manhattanly: R package for Interactive Manhattan Plots


The new R package, manhattanly, creates interactive manhattan plots using the plotly.js engine. The plots are usable from the R console, the RStudio viewer pane, R Markdown documents, in Shiny apps, embeddable in websites and can be exported as .png files. By hovering the mouse over a point, you can see annotation information such as the SNP identifier and GENE name. You can also drag a rectangle to zoom in on a region of interest and then export the image as a .png file.

Visit the package website for full details and example usage.

Quick Start

The following three lines of code will produce the plot below

Related Work

This work is based on the qqman package by Stephen Turner. It produces similar manhattan plots as the qqman::manhattan function; the main difference here is being able to interact with the plot, including extra annotation information and seamless integration with HTML.

The splitting of the tasks into data pre-processing and plot rendering is inspired by the heatmaply package by Tal Galili.